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 "...The food was creatively and beautifully presented.  the menu was fresh and healthy; and most importantly: DELICIOUS!"--Heather Fenwick, yoga retreat instructor

"I learned an enormous amount about the nutritional aspects of food, in addition to making it taste good." --Angie Smith, nutrition and cooking skills client

"...The meals were full of surprising tastes and textures, not to mention healthy and satisfyingly light. Perfect meals for a yoga retreat!" --Sukie Medina, retreat and workshop participant

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    Sweet Beet is dedicated to the evolution of food awareness, both as a healing tool, and as an artistic medium. My mission it to inspire others to cook more from scratch, and to help them make conscious choices for the sake of their health, as well as that of their families, communities, and ecosystems.

    I value food as an entryway into understanding other cultures, and as a bridge between them. There is an inherent interconnectedness among all things, an since we all eat in one way or another, food it at the center. It is my hope that more people will become conscious of these connections, so that we may all live harmoniously on this planet.